Department of OBS & Gynaecology

Goals & Objectives

To prepare M.B.B.S. DGO and M.S. candidates so that they serve the society in a mature and responsible manner with more emphasis on prevention of diseases, giving health education and creation of health awareness in the field of reproductive health.

Faculty Members

Dr. Ragini VermaMD(O&G).Head & Professor
Dr. Hina OzaMBBS,MDAssociate Professor
Dr. Saral BhatiaMS(O&G)Associate Professor
Dr. Anjani SrivastavaMS(O&G)Associate Professor
Dr. Dhwani Desai MS(O&G)Associate Professor
Dr. Falguni PatelMS(O&G)Associate Professor
Dr. L. D. KapadiyaMS(O&G)Associate Professor
Dr. Jagruti AnavadiaMS(O&G)Assistant Professor
Dr. Nilam PrajapatiMS(O&G)Assistant Professor
Dr. Kedar TrivediMS(O&G)Assistant Professor
Dr. Minal R. Chaudhari MS(O&G)Assistant Professor
Dr. Ekta PatelMS(O&G)Assistant Professor
Dr. Parul UdhnawalaMS(O&G)Assistant Professor
Dr. Arpana ChaudhariMS(O&G)Assistant Professor
Sr. No.NameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Ragini VermaMBBS,MDProfessor
2Dr. Hina OzaMBBS,MDAssociate Professor
3Dr. Anjani ShrivastavaMBBS,MSAssociate Professor
4Dr. Saral Bhatia MBBS,MSAssociate Professor
5Dr. Dhwani DesaiMBBS,MSAssociate Professor
6Dr. Falguni PatelMBBS,MDAssociate Professor
7Dr. Nilam PrajapatiMBBS,MD
8Dr. Jagruti AnavadiaMBBS,MDAssistant Professor
9Dr. Parul UdhnawalaMBBS,MSAssistant Professor
10Dr. Ekta PatelMBBS,MSAssistant Professor
11Dr. Kedar TrivediMBBS,MSAssistant Professor
12Dr. Arpana ChaudhariMBBS,MSAssistant Professor
13Dr. Minal ChaudhariMBBS,MSAssistant Professor
14Dr. Urvi MistryMBBS,MSAssistant Professor
15Dr. Bhumika ChaudhariMBBS,MSAssistant Professor
16Dr. Vijyeta JagtapMBBS,MSAssistant Professor

Services Provided/ Functions of Department

Research Publications

Dr. Ragini Verma :

- Sacrospinous fixation for prevention of vault prolapse in IJOGNo49Vol4Pg164-176 - Uteroplacental Doppler in screening for High Risk Pregnancy in IJOG No.51Pg 123-132 - Umbilical and cerebral arterial flow velocity waveforms and neonatal outcome in high risk pregnancy Jo of O&G-may june 07 - Maternal and fetal CVS side effects of nifedipine and ritodrine used as tocolyticsJo of O&G Aug07

Research Projects in past

  1. Kishan- Comparisionof Mifepristone and Misoprotol with Misoprostol alone in 2nd trimaster MTP.
  2. Dipeeka – Diagnostic laparoscopic finding in patients of infertility & it’s outcome.
  3. Parul – Study of fetal & perinatal outcome in severe preeclampsia.
  4. Ram – Epidural analgesia in labour.
  5. Sania – Role of Doppler in oligohydramnions after 32 weeks pregnancy with perinatal outcome.
  6. Sejal –Comparision of TVS &SIS in evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding.
  7. Nainesh – Comparision of FBS & O’Sullivan test in 24-32 weeks pregnancy & fetomaternal outcome.
  8. Prerana – Comparision of VILI & Papsmear in screening of early cervical lesion in patients with RTI & STI.
  9. Mitesh – postpartum Cu –T insertion & its acceptance.

Research projects on hand :

  1. Mayank – Fetal outcome in sickle positive pregnant women.
  2. Parth – Comparision of Misoprostol alone with Mifepristone &Misoprostol in IUFD with 32-36 weeks pregnancy.
  3. Tejas – Comparision of colposcopic finding in PLWH women.
  4. Urvi – Fetal outcome in pregnant women with PLWH.
  5. Pooja – prevalence of RTI, STI in PLWH women complaining of vaginal discharge,
  6. Arti -
  7. Tejal- Maternal BMI on admission in labor and labor outcome
  8. Kalpana - Asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy and materno-fetal outcome
  9. Shipra-

Facilities available:

  1. Basic and Emergency obstetrics care
  2. Tertiary level referral centre for entire South Gujarat and borders of Maharastra
  3. Gynecological unit providing all basic and advanced facilities.
  4. Infertility treatment centre
  5. Cancer surgeries and Chemotherapy centre
  6. Urogynecologic facilities like stress incontinence surgeries, meshplasty, prolapse surgeries
  7. Laparoscopic surgery facilities like lap.hysterectomy, lap. Ectopic surgeries
  8. Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
  9. Microsurgeries like recanalisation facilities for tubal block
  10. Thermaballoon ablation for DUB