Department of Ophthalmology
Government Medical College Surat



The department of Ophthalmology was founded in 1964.

There is an outpatients' section on all days of the week and surgeries are performed in operation theatre on all days.. The department provides complete eye care in the form of various ophthalmic procedures like Refraction and contact lens, intraocular lens implantation, Glaucoma medical and surgical treatment ,keratoplasty, Argon Laser treatment for posterior segment diseases , Oculoplasty and squint surgeries. There are various diagnostic facilties like ultrasound A B Scan , UBM, slit lamp Bio microscopes , Automated perimetry, Imaging for Anterior segment , Non contact tonometry, fundus camera and fluorescine angiography for outpatients and those referred for this specialized services.

There is a well established registered eye bank with facilities for enucleation, storage and use of eyeballs . Life member of Eye Bank Association of India.

  • The Department of Ophthalmology provides a well coordinated, progressive, balanced experience for the M.S. degree students for a period of 3 years during which he/she will transform him/herself into a surgeon with adequate basic science knowledge and anterior segment surgeries. Their experience includes clinical teaching of interns and undergraduate students in Govt. Medical College: Surat, Outdoor patient care, indoor and emergency ophthalmic patient care, ophthalmic microsurgery, experience of research proposal writing, conducting research and how to write manuscript etc , professional ethics , how to organize diagnostic camps, and wxposure to eye banking
  • For community patients :To provide state of art diagnostic ,surgical and therapeutic facilities to all ophthalmic patients.

Faculty Members

Dr. Priti KapadiaMBBS MDHead & Professor
Dr. Trupti SoluMBBS MDAdditional Professor
Dr. Shivani PatelMBBS MDAssistant Professor
Dr. Pragnya Bhole MBBS MDAssistant Professor

Departmental Events


There are two units Unit I

  • OPD Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Dr. Priti Kapadia
  • Dr. Kunjan Patel
  • Dr. Shivani Patel

Unit II

  • OPD Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
  • Dr. Trupti Solu
  • Dr. Akshay Chaudhary

Our OPD timings are:

  • 8.30 a.m. TO1.00 p.m.

Teaching Facilities

Resident staff13
Daily OPD attendanceaverage 200
Daily indoor admissionaverage 10
Operating rooms3, 2 Clean, 1 septic OT
Routine ortho OTOT Services everyday


  • In the outpatients department various procedures are performed like trial glasses subjective correction of refraction, retinocsopy, slit lamp examination, indirect ophthalmoscopy, direct ophthalmoscopy, perimetry ,keratometry, tonometry both applanation and noncontact , synaptophore, A scan biometry, B scan, UBM ,YAG laser, retinal photo coagulation etc.
  • In the operation theatres various anterior and posterior segment surgeries are performed on daily basis .everyday. Routine phacoemulsification, squint surgeries, oculoplastic surgeries specially ptosis, entropion, ectropion, extra ocular tumour excisions, pterygium surgeries, Vitrectomy, Anti glaucoma surgeries are performed .


  • Undergraduate Teaching and Postgraduate Clinics
  • Arranging for Ophthalmic Meetings and Conferences
  • School Health check ups
  • Diagnostic and Surgical Eye Camps
  • Eye banking and corneal transplantations

Services Provided/ Functions of Department

Services offered

  1. All anterior segment diseases’ of eyes their diagnosis and management.
  2. Posterior segment diseases examined by honorary vitreoretinal surgeon every Thursday in afternoon hours. The laser treatment of retinal diseases given as per the appointment.
  3. Eye bank services
  4. Govt. Recognized Centre for tissue transplantation
  5. Organization of camps for certifying visually handicapped patients, for diagnostic purposes and operative for cataract surgeries
  6. Undergraduates and Post graduates teaching
  7. School health check up
  8. Contact lens fitting.
  9. Community health check ups at PHCs specially to register cases of cataract, pediatric ophthalmic diseases, diabetic retinopathy and corneal blindness.

ACADEMIC INFORMATIONS Various courses conducted in department

  1. M.S. ( Ophthalmology) A three years post graduate course in ophthalmology
  2. D.O. (Ophthalmology) A two years post graduate diploma in Ophthalmology
  3. No. of P.G. Seats per year :5 M.S.

Research Publications PUBLICATIONS: By Dr. Priti Kapadia( Prof. and Head)

  1. Amblyopia –An unforeseen frontier GMJ Vol. 58, March 01, pg 41
  2. Apparent accommodation in eyes after PC IOL implantation, Kerala Jr. of ophthalmology vol. XIII, march 01, pg 18
  3. Article –“PMOA- A keymanEndervour in Blindness control, IAPSM Gujarat chapter, vol 2 issue
  4. Phacoemulsification a small incision cataract surgery. GMJ, Vol.
  5. profile of fireworks related owlar injuries (FROI) from western India, Indian Jr. of community medicine, vol.30, no. 3, July-Sept 2005 pg 98’

BEST PAPER awarded to Dr. Hetal Niak, Dr. K Adnani, Dr. T M Solu, Dr. Hetal Yagnik In Community Ophthalmology section, AIOS, Hyderabad for their work on “OCULAR MANIFESTATIONS IN ACUTE PHASE Of LEPTOSPIROSIS”

Research projects in hand

  • Sentinel surveillance of Ocular morbidity and cataract surgery under NPCB, funded by Central govt. of India.
  • Other clinical research done in department in form of dissertations . Currently 10 students are doing their research work under PG teachers of the department
  • FAIMER ( Philadelphia) project on “Modified independent learning in Medical undergraduates” BY Dr. Priti Kapadia

Presently various research projects being carried out are .. in relation to Pterygium : glueless surgery, cataract patients’ perspective on services available in the dept., preventable blindness in our patients, co relation between CCT and Axial length in myopic and HM and emmetropic patients ,Comparision of keratometry , AL and refraction after paediatric cataract extraction with the normal eye , on Progressive glass wearers etc. Presently Ongoing studies like UBM in corneal blindness, Study of HIV /AIDS patients having ophthalmic manifestations, Disc changes in glaucoma and its correlation with different objective examination, Comparision of different advanced tonometers with applanation tonometry, A scan and IOL power calculation in higher refractive errors. Etc.

Event of the Department