Department of Psychiatry


Introduction Department of Psychiatry was established in 1982 running PG courses of MD Psychiatry and DPM. Every year there are 4 MD and candidates getting admitted to MCI recognized courses.

The faculty are-

Dr. Ritambhara Y. Mehta, Professor and Head of department, has developed the department gradually and persistently with her vision. She is a Ph.D. teacher for Psychiatry, guiding the Ph.D. students.

Dr. Kamlesh Dave, Associate Professor is a dynamic social psychiatrist, running helplines for board examinees students since many years.

Dr. Dimple Dadarwala, Assistant Professor is a young academician who has improved clinical and academic environment of department further.

Dr. Sanjibani Panigrahi, Assistant Professor is a young academician who has improved clinical and academic environment of department further. She has expertise in Geriatric Psychiatry.

Ms. Amiben Pathak, Clinical Psychologist has more than 15 years of experience in field of clinical psychology.

Apart from clinical outdoor and indoor psychiatric services it also provides De - addiction and Oral Substitution Therapy (DOST), aided by NACO, Drug Treatment Centre (DTC) for De-Addiction related services by NDDTC-AIIMS Project and GSACS giving de-addiction services. It has special groups for care givers of mentally ill, mentally challenged, psychosexual disorders, alcohol use disorders and geriatric population. The department also undertakes DASH program from Distress and Suicide Prevention amongst PG students,fortnightly Psychiatry OPD services at CHC Jhankvav. A Drug Treatment Centre will be starting shortly.

It has acquired grant and permission to conduct Clinical Psychology (M.Phil.) courses, which will start once the GoG appoints the Clinical psychology staff. With the course Department hasproposed to start a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit (CAP).

It has recently acquired permission to conduct Clinical Psychology (M. Phil) courses, which will start once the GoG appoints the Clinical psychology staff. With the course Department proposed to start a Child and adolescent Psychiatry Unit.

Goals/Objectives :

  • To Start M. Phil. in Clinical Psychology with Manpower scheme B of NMHP in 11th 5-year plan
  • To enhance other training courses in Para-psychiatric fields of Psychiatric Social Work and Psychiatric Nursing

Faculty Members

Sr. no.Name of the FacultyDegreeDesignation
1Dr. Ritambhara Y. MehtaM.D. (Psychiatry)Professor & Head
2Dr. Kamlesh R. DaveM.D. (Psychiatry)Associate Professor
3Dr. Dimple D. DadarwalaD.N.B. (Psychiatry)Assistant Professor
4Dr. Sanjibani PanigrahiMBBS, MD(psychiatry)Assistant Professor

Resident Doctors (Unit wise Resident Doctors List)

no.Name of DoctorDesignation
1.Dr. Suhani DesaiSenior Resident
2.Dr. Pooja ShatadalSenior Resident
3.Dr. Darshan Dharaiya3rdYear Resident
4.Dr. Sumit Shakya3rdYear Resident
5.Dr. Devashish Palkar2ndYear Resident
6.Dr. Neil Shah2ndYear Resident
7.Dr. Darshan Chudasama2ndYear Resident
8.Dr. Zainab Panwala2ndYear Resident
9.Dr.Tanvi Shaikh1st Year Resident
10.Dr.Shreyasi Tendolkar1st Year Resident
11.Dr.Shivani Kanani1st Year Resident
12.Dr.Tejas Joshi1st Year Resident

Non Teaching staff

no.Name of StaffDesignation
1.Mrs. Kalpana ShahHead Nurse
2.Mrs. Nirali BhadjaPsychiatry Nurse
3.Mrs. Manisha HadiyaPsychiatry Nurse
4.Mr.Vipul JaniEEG Technician
5.Mr.Vivek YadavPharmacist
6.Mrs. Sandhya JadhavClerk


no.Staff NameDesignation
1.Dr. Ronak PatelMedical Officer
2.Priyanka PatelCounselor
3.Shabana ShaikhStaff Nurse
4.Jogadia Amee KanjibhaiData Entry Manager


1.Dr. Nishit DevaliyaMedical Officer
2.Dinesh ChaudhariCounselor
3.Sejal PatelStaff Nurse

NHMP Staff

Sno.Staff NameDesignation
1.Dr. Neha ModiClass I Pychiatrist
2.Gurpreet Kaur ChhabdaClinical Psychologist-class 2 officer
3.Pooja P PatelStaff Nurse
4.Psychiatric Social WorkerJayeshbhai Shankarbhai Patel


1.Clinical PsychologistChauhan Shivangi Hemantkumar
2.Special EducatorNeha Mistry

UG/PG Courses Offered with their syllabus (With No. of UG/PG Degree/Diploma seats)

Sr.No.Degree/Diploma UG/PGSeats/year
1.M.D.(Psychiatry)PG 4
2.D.P.M.PG 0

M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology course will be started shortly.

Teaching Facilities

FacilityNumberSizeSitting Capacity
Seminar Rooms1800 Sq. Ft50
Demonstration Rooms1500 Sq. Ft20
Audiovisual aidsAdequate
LCD Projector2
Computer with multimedia2
Digital Camera1
Laptop Computer2
Internet ConnectionThrough DMHP

Key Performance Indicators

  • For Clinical Department:

Number of OPD Patients per month/year –

Number of PatientJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSepOctNovDecTotal

Number of indoor patients per month/year –

Number of Indoor PatientJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSepOctNovDecTotal

Average duration of hospital stay per patient – 2 weeks

Number of procedures(ECT) per month/year –

Number of ECTsJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSepOctNovDecTotal

Number of procedures(EEG) per month/year –

Number of EEGsJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSepOctNovDecTotal

Number of IQ Assessment per month/year –

Number of IQ AssesstmemtJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSepOctNovDecTotal
2016 1237273532143

Number of Other Psychological Assessment per month/year –

Number of Other Psychological AssessmentJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSepOctNovDecTotal
2016 030305020619

Ongoing Research Projects

No.Research projectDate & DurationResearch Officer
1.Distress & Suicide Prevention Help for Medical StudentsFrom 2012 till dateDr. Ritambhara Mehta
2.To Study the Profile Internet use and profile amongst Medical College Students.2014-15Dr.Ritambhara Mehta,Dr.Kamlesh Dave,Dr.Mehul Luhar,Dr.Ravi Shah
3.National Mental Health Survey (Gujarat)July 2015 to May 2016Dr. Ritambhara Mehta,Dr. Abhay Kavishwar,Dr. Gururaj G.,Dr. Mathew Varghese
4.Pregnancy registry – An Interdepartmental projectFrom Oct 2011 For 5 yearsDr. Ritambhara Mehta,Dr. Kamlesh Dave,Dr. Ragini Verma,Dr. Purvi Desai,Dr. Vijay Shah


Sr.NoDissertationsSubmission YearFaculty
1.A study of effect of flood on families in 2006-07December 2007 Dr. Falguni Patel ,Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
2.Impact of flood on child and adolescentsDecember 2007Dr. Devendra Chaudhari , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
3.Effect on E.C.T. on Memory.December 2009Dr. Anusha Prabhakaran , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
4.Effect of Atypical antipsychotic drug on metabolism in Indian populationDecember 2009Dr. Haresh Barvadia , Dr. Kamlesh Dave ,Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
5.Sexual Side effects of Typical v/s Atypical Anti-Psychotic Drugs in Indian Male PopulationDecember 2010Dr. Ramesh Zinzala , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
6.Effects of Psychotropic drugs on fetusDecember 2011Dr. Parul Vasava , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
7.A Study On Opioid Withdrawal and stabilization of Buprenorphine in patients attending OST at GMC, SuratDecember 2014Dr. Saumitra Nemlekar , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
8.A study of Aggression in outdoor patients of Schizophrenia and in normal populationDecember 2014Dr. Radha Mehta , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Nilima Shah
9.Factors affecting psychiatric co-morbidity in MDR and XDR TB PatientsJanuary 2016Dr. Nilanjan Chandra , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Nilima Shah
10.Coping patterns, Perceived stress, anxiety and depression profile in adult patients of hemophiliaJanuary 2016Dr. Dhruv Bardolia , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
11.Comparative follow up study of alcohol dependent patientswith high and low motivation for relationship of craving in relapse at tertiary care hospital of surat.December 2017Dr. Prashant Agrawal , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
12.To study disability profile in patients and burden in caregivers of stable schizophrenia patientDecember 2017Dr. Neha Modi , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
13.Comparing effectiveness of only CBT, only medication and combination of both in patient of panic disorder with or without agoraphobiaOctober 2017Dr. Shabina Sheth ,Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
14.A objective study of physical activity, risk factor ,and diet role on senior citizen.October 2017Dr. Rutvin Patel , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
15.Study of Insight, competency to give consent for treatment and its correlation to voluntariness of admission in patients of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Mood disorder.October 2018Dr. Pooja Shatadal , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta, Dr. Kamlesh Dave
16.Suicidal tendency among prisoners.October 2018Dr. Dhaval Patel , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
17.Co relational follow up study of coping, stress and burnt out among first year resident doctors.October 2019Dr. Darshan Dharaiya , Dr. Kamlesh Dave , Dr. Pradhyuman Chaudhary
18.Effect of peer support on caregiver burden and perceived social stigma for patients with schizophreniaOctober 2019Dr. Sumit Shakya, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Dimple Dadarwala
19.Study of effects of peer support on recovering of patients with schizophrenia.October 2018Dr. Neil Shah, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta, Dr. Dimple Dadarwala
20.Psychosocial Stress and Satisfaction Among Doctors In Private Practice" – A cross-sectional survey study.October 2018Dr. Darshan Chudasama, Dr. Kamlesh Dave, Dr. Pradhyuman Chaudhary
21.To study impact of JPMR on stress levels of Exam going MBBS students of a Government Medical College in South Gujarat.October 2018 Dr. Devashish Palkar,Dr. Ritambhara Mehta, Dr. Sanjibani Panigrahi

Papers and Posters presented in Conferences

Sr.NoPapers And Poster TopicSubmission YearFaculty
1.A Comparative Study of patients on long acting antipsychotic medication and patients on oral antipsychotic medication at a tertiary care centre.September 2014Dr. Saumitra Nemlekar , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
2.A case report on Diphenoxylate dependence treated with oral buprenorphineJanuary 2015Dr. Saumitra Nemlekar , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
3.A case report on Marchiafava-Bignami disease treated with parenteral thiamineJanuary 2015Dr. Saumitra Nemlekar , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
4.To study correlation of Insight and Voluntariness of Indoor patients in Hospital for Mental Health and a General Hospital Psychiatry Unit.August 2015Dr. Urvish Jaganiya , Dr. Dhruv Bardolia , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
5.Does exposure to Dramatic depiction impact Retention of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices among Undergraduate Medical Students?August 2015Dr. Neha Modi , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
6.Coping patterns, perceived stress anxiety and depression profile in adult patients of hemophilia.January 2016Dr.Dhruv Bardolia , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
7.A case report on neurofibromatosis with MDD & psychotic features.January 2016Dr.Ravi Shah , Dr.Urvish Jaganiya , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
8.Internet profile amongst medical college surat.January 2016Dr.Ravi Shah , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr.Mehul Luhar , Dr Saumitra Nemlekar
9.Socio demographic and psychosocial factors in patients of MDR and XDR TB with psychiatric co morbiditiesJanuary 2016Dr. Nilanjan Chandra , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
10.Knowledge Attitude Practice about effects of alcohol on sexual functioning in patients of alcohol use and sexual problemsJanuary 2016Dr. Nilanjan Chandra Dr. Shabina Sheth , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
11.Severe Tardive Dystonia after small dose exposure of Atypical antipsychotics for few monthsJanuary 2016Dr. Nilanjan Chandra , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
12.Cognition and OST drug adherence in patient with opioid dependentJanuary 2016Dr. Shabina Sheth , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
13.Aripiprazole induced severe extrapyramidal Parkinsonian symptoms on an obese schizophrenic patient: a case reportAugust 2016Dr. Prashant Agrawal , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
14.Temporal Lobe Seizures As An Abrupt Clinging Behaviour In A Child- A Case ReportAugust 2016Dr. Shabina Sheth , Dr. Nilanjan Chandra , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
15.A Case Report Of Pica Presented As Distinct Entity- Paper Eating Disorder (XYLOPHAGIA) In Adolescent GirlOctober 2016Dr. Neha Modi , Dr. Pradhyuman Chaudhry , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
16.Inhalation Of Petrol In A 5 Year Old Boy With A Conduct Disorder : A Rare Case ReportOctober 2016Dr. Rutvin patel , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
17.A Case Series Of Trichotillomania With Three Different EntitiesJanuary 2017Dr. Neha Modi , Dr. Pradhyuman Chaudhry , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
18.Comparative follow up study of alcohol dependent patients with high and low motivation for relationship of craving in relapse at tertiary care hospital of suratJanuary 2017Dr. Prashant Agrawal , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
19.Self reported suicidality behaviour amongst college students in urban settingJanuary 2017Dr. Ashish Patel , Dr. Ritambhara Mehta , Dr. Kamlesh Dave
20.Humanizing Mental health Care: Experience of peer support in two different setting in Gujarat after Quality Rights Project.August 2017Dr. Shabina Sheth, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta, Dr. Ajay Chauhan
21.Dermatitis artefecta- A Case reportAugust 2017Dr. Dhaval Patel, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
22.Drawings in schizophrenia- A case reportSeptember 2017Dr. Pooja Shatadal, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
23.Megaloblastic Madness – A Case reportSeptember 2017Dr. Sumit Shakya, Dr. Dimple Dadarwala, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
24.Effect of core traits, Emotional Quotient and resilience on stress and burnout in resident doctorsNovember 2017Dr. Pooja Shatadal, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
25Humanizing Mental health care-effects and acceptance of peer support among service users in two different setting in Gujarat after Quality Rights ProjectJanuary 2018Dr. Shabina Sheth, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta, Dr. Ajay Chauhan
26Effectiveness of Gatekeeper Training among medical professional and undergraduate students: Outcomes of the Optimizing Suicide Prevention ProgramJanuary 2018 Dr.Rutvin Patel, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta, Dr. Kamlesh Dave, Dr. Pradhyuman Chaudhary
27.Study of correlation between Personality traits, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience with Perceived Stress and Burnout amongst Resident Medical DoctorsSeptember 2018Dr. Pooja Shatdal, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
28.Impact of two weeks psychiatric clinical posting on Intern doctors’ Knowledge and Attitudes towards Psychiatry and Mental illnesses.October 2018Dr. Rushiraj Joshi, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta, Dr. Pradhyuman Chaudhary
29.Pathological Internet Use and its correlation with Big Five Personality Traits amongst First Year undergraduate medical students.Octrober 2018 Dr. Sumit Shakya, Dr. Ritambhara Mehta, Dr. Dimple Dadarwala
30Factors associated with medication adherence in patients of schizophrenia and its correlation with insight and therapeutic alliance- A cross sectional study February 2019Dr.DarshanDharaiya,Dr.Pradhyuman Chaudhary,Dr.Rithambara Mehta
31Cross-sectional observational study of suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior among prisoners at Lajpore central jail, Surat, GujaratFebruary 2019Dr.Dhaval Patel Dr.Rithambara Mehta Dr.Pradhyuman Chaudhary Dr.Kamlesh Dave
32Petrol ingestion to combat hallucinations: A unique presentation in a case of SchizophreniaFebruary 2019Dr.DevashishPalkar Dr.Rithambara Mehta Dr.Pradhyuman Chaudhary
33Post-Training Assessment of Empathy and Empathic Communication by Self-report and OSCE for entry level Post-Graduates June 2019Dr. Kamlesh Dave Dr. Ritambhara Mehta Dr. Pooja Shatadal Dr.Sauvik Manna
34The impact of Brief ECT orientation module on the knowledge and attitude of nursing students towards ECT August 2019Dr. Zainab Panwala Dr. Dimple Dadarwala Dr. Pooja Shatadal Dr. Ritambhara Mehta
35Prodrome Symptom in early onset schizophrenia: A case series August 2019Dr. Darshan Dhariya Dr. Pradhyuman Chaudhary Dr. Ritambhara Mehta

October 2019|Dr. Devashish Palkar Dr. Pooja Shatadal Dr. Ritambhara Mehta|

37Simulating Blindness as a conversion symptom in pregnancy October 2019Dr. Shreyasi Tendolkar Dr. Pooja ShatadalDr. Ritambhara Mehta
38Bipolar Mood Disorder in Mild intellectually disabled female: A case report October 2019Dr. Tanvi Sheikh Dr. Pooja Shatadal Dr. Ritambhara Mehta

Recent Publications from Department of Psychiatry

  1. Sridharan S., Shukla D, Mehta R., Oswal R. Munchausen Syndrome masquerading as bleeding disorders in a group of pediatric patients. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine 2011; vol. 33, Issue 1, Jan – June 2011:86-88.
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Programs Conducted at Department of Psychiatry


a.) Weekly Visits to Dang Ahwa

Every Thursday Weekly OPD services are provided at Civil Hospital, Dang Ahwa. Department caters to psychiatry services to around 1200 patients yearly.

b.) Sensitization & Mental Health Workshop for Anganwadi workers.

Every year department of Psychiatry conducts training for 60-75 Anganwadi workers from Dang Ahwa District under the DMHP Program. It is a 7 day residential program where the participants are educated about mental illnesses. The programme trains the health workers about identification of common mental illnesses and proper advice to be given to rural population regarding referrals, treatment and maintenance of compliance among other.

c.) IEC Activity

A Single day follow up IEC workshop of Trained Anganwadi workers was conducted at Public hall, Dang Ahwa. This program was attended by 30 Anganwadi Workers. An assessment was carried out to find the retaining of knowledge and practices leant during sensitizing workshop. It was an interactive session about perceived needs, problems faced with work, referral and feedback.

2. Fortnightly Psychiatry OPD services at CHC Jhankhvav

It is a tripartite model of collaboration enterprising government infrastructure, private psychiatrist and residents from the Department, attending to around 250-300 patients. Medications are provided free and Patients requiring further management are referred to New Civil Hospital, Surat.

3. DASH Project

a) Distress and Suicide Prevention Help for Medical students - Counselling

b) UG Induction workshops in batches of 50, for new entrant 1st Year medical students with aims of Sensitization and Awareness for Challenges and Stresses of Medical Student Life

c) PG Induction Workshops in batches of 50, for 1st Year Resident doctors with aims of Sensitization and Awareness for Challenges and Stresses of Resident Doctors’ Life and Doctor Patient Relationship.

d) UG Psychiatry Quiz for Intra-college level and South Zonal State Inter-college level.

4. Quality Rights for Mentally Ill, A GoG project funded by CAMH, Canada,implemented by DoHFW, GoG - 2014-2016

A three year project sponsored by CAMH, Canada, operationalized by Government of Gujarat, the objectives are to assess the quality of the services provided by the mental health facility at Baseline, have an improvement plan to improve the quality of the services provided by facility. The improvement will be carried out through training of all level staff in various aspects of Human Rights, Communication Skills, Recovery Planning, Restraint Policy, etc and other aspects like improving the Infrastructure, Basic services, etc.Peer Support Volunteers

5. PSV – Peer Support Volunteer service – since 2016

As an outcome of QR Project, with insufficient and nearly nonexistent parapsychiatric staff, PSV concept gained priority after Maitri and Saathi group meetings, which is supported by DoHFW, GoG through some remuneration to PSVs since 2016.

6. 2015-2016 National Mental Health Survey (Gujarat)

Mental, neurological and substance use (MNS) disorders impose a significant burden on individuals, families and the society. The number of people affected with MNS disorders is not clearly known in India. We are using estimates that are based on studies done during the 1980s and 90s and even earlier. This lack of data has not helped develop need based programmes and prevented measuring the impact of interventions. In this context, the present survey is being undertaken across 12 states that would represent India and involves interviewing adolescents, adults and elderly (11-18 and those >18 years). From these interviews we will be able to estimate the burden of MNS disorders. The survey is done to document prevalence and pattern of mental health disorders in sampled population of South Gujarat. House to house survey in 60 different clusters of Surat, Navasari and Narmada districts covering 3000 adults and 300 adolescents using structured questionnaire. Data was analyzed by an apex institution NIMHANS at Bengaluru.Release of the Summary report on the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2016 at New Delhi By Smt. Anupriya Patel and Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste, Hon’ble Ministers of State for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

To view the Report Click here: External Link

7. Days Celebrated

a) World Schizophrenia Day – It comes on 24th May. This year Patients and Care givers meeting was held. They were shown a documentary, psycho-education regarding the course of illness and improving adherence is given.

b) World Alzheimer’s Day – Every year on 21st of September. A screening camp was held in OPD, in which baseline assessment was carried out along with requisite investigations. This was followed by a seminar for education about the early signs and pointers to the illness, methods to improve cognitive skills and skills for care giving were discussed.

c) Mental Health Week (4th to 10th October)- Every Year during the first full week of October, Mental Health week is observed in the Department of Psychiatry. Different awareness raising activities are done every year in mental health week. This Year following activities were done:

i. A series of short talks by service users about their journey through the illness and their subjective experiences of the illness was organised. The service users were the key speakers and the staff, care giver and other general population were the audience.

ii. The HOPE tree was painted on one of the wall of OPD-13, Service users who visit the OPD were given a leaf shaped paper where they were asked to write down one hope/ dream that they have and paste it onto the wall. The tree would have additional branches where service users can write about something or someone that helped them recover.

iii. Series of workshops, open to the users, care givers and general public was organised with the help of a charitable institute which does activities of skill training especially with marginalised people. Service users were trained in a set of skills so that they can make and sell those things that help them have confidence in themselves and help them in reintegration in society independently.

d) An epilepsy week to create awareness amongst the patients, Caregivers, & general population; and debunk the myths related to epilepsy by showing videos and interactive sessions by doctors was celebrated in OPD 13, NCH, Surat in January.

World Mental Health Day 2016HOPE tree for QR Project
Mental Health Awreness programSkills training for MH patients
World AIDS day 2016 at Dost CenterDOST center meeting
Maitri on Christmas 2016 Maitri on Uttarayan 2016
PG exam Aug 2016SRC workshop 2016
UG Quiz Zonal level September 2016UG Quiz State level Oct 2016
Mental health awareness week April 2017Mental health awareness week April 2017
PG Induction programme May 2017PG Induction programme May 2017
GUTS - ‘Give Up Tobacco Sensibly’ May 2017GUTS - ‘Give Up Tobacco Sensibly’ May 2017
Gatekeeper training for suicide prevention July 2017Gatekeeper training for suicide prevention July 2017
Mental Heath Awareness Week Oct 2017Mental Heath Awareness Week Oct 2017
World Schizophrenia Day 2018World Schizophrenia Day 2018
Dash PG Workshop 2018World No Tobacco Day 2018
Dash UG Orientation ProgrammeWorld Mental Health Day
World AIDS DayPg guides training
Pg guides trainingWorld No Tobacco Day 2019
Mental Health Training For Community WorkerMental Health Training For Community Worker

Student Resources